A closer trading relationship with Israel could benefit the UK as it prepares for its exit from the EU, says Leumi UK in new whitepaper

In its new whitepaper, Leumi UK explores the exciting trading opportunities that Israel presents for the UK as its exit from the European Union (EU) draws closer. Renowned as the ‘start-up’ nation, Israel is a highly compatible trading partner and is leading the way forward in several key industries – particularly in the technology space.

According to Leumi UK’s whitepaper, the levels of bilateral trade between the two nations have been steadily increasing, hitting a record-breaking £8 billion in 2018 – with growth likely to accelerate in the coming years.

Leumi UK will play a key role in the strengthening of this already unique trading relationship, with plans to bolster its offering in the hi-tech space – which include its Residency & Networking Programme – set to offer Israeli hi-tech start-ups a route into the UK market.

To read the whitepaper, please click here.

The news was covered by TRF News, Business Money, Trade Finance Global, Global Banking and Finance Review, and International Trade Magazine.