Michael Wilkins, of S&P Global Ratings, interviewed by Environmental Finance regarding ESG Evaluation launch

In an interview with Environmental Finance, Michael Wilkins discusses the recent launch of S&P Global Ratings ESG Evaluation.

Separate from S&P’s credit ratings, the tool aims to help investors gain a better understanding of a company’s strategy, purpose and management quality.

Michael Wilkins

The ESG Evaluation tool is underpinned by a newly launched ESG Risk Atlas—a set of interactive charts that provide country and sector-level scores on environmental and social risk, including also exposure to natural disasters, corporate governance standards, and ESG-related regulations.

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S&P Global Ratings’ Michael Wilkins discusses ESG Evaluation launch with Global Capital

Following the launch of S&P Global Ratings’ ESG Evaluation, Global Capital interviewed Michael Wilkins, managing director of Sustainable Finance.

In the interview, Wilkins discusses the launch, the methodology behind the tool, and the pilot studies conducted prior to the launch.

Asked what makes S&P different to other providers of similar services, Wilkins answered: “We don’t rely solely on data to come up with scores, which is what happens with most other players in the market … it is more dynamic, more involved.”

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S&P Global Ratings’ Gloria Lu and Abhishek Dangra discuss looming volatility in Asian infrastructure market for Brink Asia

S&P Global Ratings’ Gloria Lu, Senior Director of Corporate & Infrastructure Ratings, Asia Pacific, and Abhishek Dangra, Director, Asia Pacific Corporate Ratings, recently discussed the looming volatility shadowing Asia’s infrastructure market for Brink News, offering their own views and potential responses to increasing risks proliferating in the region.

Discussing the refinancing risks that China may face as a third of the market’s debt approaches maturity in the coming months, Lu and Dangra consider some options available to mitigate external pressures, such as political and regulatory reform.

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S&P Global Ratings launch ESG Evaluation, covered by the specialist press

S&P Global Ratings launched recently its ESG Evaluation tool, a new benchmark providing a cross-sector, relative analysis of an entity’s capacity to operate successfully in the future based. The ESG Evaluation scoring system is grounded in how environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors could affect stakeholders, and the potential for these factors to have material financial impact.

“The ESG Evaluation aims to deliver a forward-looking view that sets a new holistic benchmark in sustainability,” says Michael Wilkins, managing director and head of sustainable finance, at S&P Global Ratings.

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BPL Global appoints Evan Freely to Executive Board, covered by the specialist press

Evan Freely has been appointed to the Executive Board of BPL Global, after 11 years as Managing Director and Global Practice Leader for Marsh’s Credit Specialties Group.

Charles Berry, Chairman of BPL Global, comments: “Evan’s appointment, together with our new presence in New York, confirms our ambition and ability to provide a seamless global service to our clients across the Americas, EMEA and Asia.”

Following outreach by Moorgate, news of Evan’s appointment was covered by Global Trade Review, TXF, Insurance Business America, Insurance Business UK, Credit Insurance News Digest and Insurance Day.

Natixis’ Gareth John discusses the frothy ABS market in Air Finance Journal interview

In an interview for Air Finance Journal, Natixis’ Global Head of Aviation, Gareth John, discusses the state of the ABS market and Natixis’ strategy for aviation investment.

Gareth explains that Natixis is looking to become more of a “strategic partner” and less of a “transactional lender” to its clients. What’s more, on the ABS side, the bank is looking to dedicate more resources to support a higher level of securitisation deal flow.

Read the full article in the March / April edition of Air Finance Journal.

James Esdaile, BPL Global, discusses corporate use of CPRI in Commercial Risk Europe

In a commentary for Commercial Risk Europe, James Esdaile, Managing Director of BPL Global, explains the need for risk managers of European corporates that operate in overseas markets to closely assess their need for credit and political risk insurance (CPRI), before an insurable event occurs.

A lack of awareness and interest in CPRI among corporate risk managers, argues Esdaile, leaves corporates potentially exposed in areas such as non-payment by overseas customers; failure of suppliers; terrorism; and equity investments.

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Commerzbank completes first Marco Polo transaction pilot, covered by specialist press

Commerzbank and Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) have recently – for the first time – successfully executed the necessary data transfers to complete two commercial transactions via blockchain-based trade finance network Marco Polo.

“The transaction proves that blockchain technology offers our clients state-of-the-art financing for trade transactions,” says Nikolaus Giesbert, divisional board member for Trade Finance & Cash Management at Commerzbank. “We see a valuable opportunity here to work together to develop and bring to the market innovative trade finance solutions.”

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BPL Global’s Jonny Carruthers comments on Excess of Loss credit insurance for TXF magazine

Jonny Carruthers, Assistant Director at BPL Global, explains the way in which Excess of Loss (XoL) credit insurance can help banks grow their trade receivables portfolios for TXF magazine.

Carruthers examines the history of XoL – which offers up to 100% cover – and explains the main benefits for banks, as well as outlining his prediction for future growth. To read the full article, please click here.

S&P Global Ratings’ Julyana Yokota reviews Latin America’s changing infrastructure landscape for Brink News

In a commentary for Brink News, Julyana Yokota, Director of Infrastructure Ratings at S&P Global Ratings, highlights the geopolitical and regulatory risks that are driving a shift in investor sentiment towards Latin American infrastructure.

Yakota considers Brazil, Mexico and Argentina individually, alongside the broader regional landscape, stating that “credit conditions have significantly improved…particularly with regard to utilities’ regulatory stability and transparency.”

The full commentary can be found here.