BNY Mellon’s Daniela Eder features in bobsguide PSD2 article on banks and PSD2


In January 2018, all banks will have to be compliant with new PSD2 regulations. Daniela Eder, Cash Management Business Development Manager, Treasury Services, BNY Mellon, discusses the changes taking place and positive impact that PSD2 could have on the banking landscape.

In the bobsguide piece, Eder is quoted as describing two factors that banks will have to consider as they adapt to the new PSD2 landscape: “Firstly, banks will need to be agile in order to be able to adapt quickly to the fast-moving environment. Secondly, a client-centric strategy is paramount.” Eder also discusses the benefits of application programming interfaces (APIs) and PSD2’s role in facilitating their use, and how flexibility will be a primary focus of BNY Mellon’s internal PSD2 review.

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