BPL Global’s James Esdaile on the growth of the CPRI market in Reactions

Speaking to Reactions magazine, James Esdaile, Managing Director, BPL Global, provides a candid overview of the past and future of the credit and political risk insurance (CPRI) market.

According to Esdaile, the CPRI market has come a long way since he entered the business in 1997 – what was once a small market niche with approximately 10 players has become an attractive sector that boasts 50-60 primary insurers drawn by the market’s relatively high margin and the opportunity for diversification. As a result, the CPRI market now has a potential maximum line in the billions of dollar range and tenors of up to 20 years. Certainly, compared to other insurance business lines, the CPRI market still remains a niche market but growing awareness of the benefits and success in claims delivery renders it a valuable risk mitigation in its own right for both banks and corporate buyers.

The article also features excerpts from BPL Global’s inaugural Market Insight report, released earlier this year, which details the strides in claims and capacity within the CPRI sector since 1983 as based on market data and statistics from BPL Global’s own portfolio.

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