ESG is here to stay, says S&P Global Ratings’ Corinne Bendersky for Environmental Finance

While ESG investing has taken time to gain a foothold in the fixed income market, ESG considerations have recently come to the fore and – according to Corinne Bendersky, Associate Director of Sustainable Finance, S&P Global Ratings – they are here to stay.

Growing recognition of the of ESG-related risks, a growing base of values-minded investors and a changing regulatory landscape have all been key drivers of the relatively recent rise of ESG-related considerations in fixed income, says Bendersky. And as further regulatory frameworks come into effect, S&P Global Ratings believes that we will see an increasing number of companies and investors seeking to meet compliance requirements and satisfy their stakeholders by incorporating ESG factors.

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Natixis’ Elie Bitton discusses the merger of its EMEA Equity Derivatives and Fixed Income Teams with FOW

Natixis has brought together its EMEA Equity Derivatives and Fixed Income teams in a new set-up based on four departments: Cross Asset Solutions, Multi Asset Solutions, Financial Engineering and Multi Asset Client Servicing & Execution (MACSE).

Elie Bitton, Natixis’ Head of EMEA Sales and Global Head of Financial Engineering for Equity Derivatives and Fixed Income, spoke to FOW, explaining that the merger will provide a greater understanding of clients’ needs and position Natixis as long-term valuable partners.

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