Middle East set to benefit from China’s BRI, says BNY Mellon in Banker Middle East

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) presents significant potential for the future of global trade. And the country’s reliance on the Middle East for oil imports means that there is potential for the region to become key beneficiaries of the ambitious project. This could bring significant benefits to the Middle East, including increased investment, improved infrastructure and an increase in bilateral trade.

In an article for Banker Middle East, Bana Akkad Azhari, Head of Relationship Management MEA & CIS, BNY Mellon, discusses the striking opportunities for the Middle East in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and the role that local and global banks have to play in harnessing these opportunities.

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Natixis’ Head of CIB Marc Vincent discusses the bank’s multi-boutique approach in IFR interview

Marc VincentSpeaking to IFR, Marc Vincent, Natixis’ Head of Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB), elaborated on the French bank’s M&A strategy.

Natixis has taken a unique approach to advisory work – by teaming up with established boutique firms around the world. This month, for example, it added to its M&A network by taking a majority stake in Australian energy and natural resources adviser Azure Capital. What’s more, annual M&A revenues have grown about tenfold in the past six years to nearly €200m, Vincent explained.

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ESG-based investing is here to stay, says S&P Global Ratings, covered by the specialist press

According to a recent report by S&P Global Ratings, executives and asset managers are in agreement that the rise of environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-based investing will likely accelerate as a younger, more values-oriented crop of investors enter the global markets.

Doug Peterson, S&P Global President and CEO, told attendees of  launch event for S&P Global Ratings’ ESG Evaluation tool, “Now more than ever, companies understand and have a much better appreciation of their responsibilities as corporate citizens. We see ESG matters as an essential component of sustainable company performance.”

Following outreach from Moorgate, the report was covered by Aqua Now, Wealth Adviser, SDG Knowledge Hub, and Institutional Asset Manager.


Natixis’s Rene Defossez comments on Brexit’s impact on investment in U.K. companies in The National

Following the extension to the Brexit deadline granted to Theresa May at an EU summit in Brussels from 12th April to 31st October, Rene Defossez, senior economist at Natixis, commented: “This latest delay solves nothing and won’t be an incentive for firms to invest or call off their contingency plans. This delay merely points to lastingly weak growth.”

“Brexit is much like a computer virus: it is causing malfunctions to the UK’s economic and political ‘programs’,” said Defossez. “[The] European Summit has not really acted as an anti-virus: the political situation in the United Kingdom remains deadlocked and the country’s economy will continue to suffer from Brexit-related uncertainties.”

The comments can be found in this article by The National.

Natixis’s Emmanuel Verhoosel discusses global expansion plans with PropertyEU

In an interview with PropertyEU, Emmanuel Verhoosel, Natixis’s new global head of real estate and hospitality, discusses the French bank’s plans to reinforce its London office and expand its business in Germany.

Natixis already has a ‘special place in the US (among European banks)’, according to Verhoosel, and plans are in place to ‘reinforce’ the London office to increase the focus on financing core assets and to better service global clients.

The new Natixis head also wants to further develop business in Germany, and comments, ‘the next big thing for us is Japan’ in terms of new global real estate investing trends.

Read the full interview in the April edition of PropertyEU.

Natixis’ Gareth John discusses the frothy ABS market in Air Finance Journal interview

In an interview for Air Finance Journal, Natixis’ Global Head of Aviation, Gareth John, discusses the state of the ABS market and Natixis’ strategy for aviation investment.

Gareth explains that Natixis is looking to become more of a “strategic partner” and less of a “transactional lender” to its clients. What’s more, on the ABS side, the bank is looking to dedicate more resources to support a higher level of securitisation deal flow.

Read the full article in the March / April edition of Air Finance Journal.

Natixis’ Global Head of Aviation Gareth John interviewed in Airfinance Journal

In an interview with Airfinance Journal, Gareth John, Natixis’ Managing Director and Global Head of Aviation, says the bank is looking to become more of a “strategic partner” and less of a “transactional lender” to its clients.

In addition to covering Natixis’ own strategy within the industry, Gareth discusses transaction trends and outlook on the market. He foresees a gradual decline in the health of the industry over the next 12 to 18 months, but says this is more of a correction than a downturn.

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Natixis signs memorandum of understanding with Etihad Credit Insurance, covered by the specialist press

Natixis has signed a memorandum of understanding with Etihad Credit Insurance – the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Federal export credit agency – to strengthen UAE exporters’ capability to trade globally and assist businesses to expand internationally.

The partnership will augment the UAE’s strategy to reduce its reliance on the oil sector as a source of economic activity over time, and to place a greater focus on developing more diversified growth and trade activity.

The news was covered by TXF, The Paypers, Zawya, The National, Trade Arabia.


Natixis named joint-lead manager for Santander’s first Cédulas deal in almost three years, covered by Cinco Días

Natixis was named joint-lead manager for the latest Banco Santander S.A. Reg S €1bn benchmark 10-year fixed rate  Cédulas Hipotecarias transaction. What’s more, the issuance was the first of its kind for Banco Santander in almost three years. 

Natixis was mandated in conjunction with Credit Suisse, Santander and Unicredit.

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