What does a successful payables finance programme look and feel like? Deutsche Bank’s Anil Walia offers his views in the World Supply Chain Finance Report 2018

The ‘success’ of a buyer-led supply chain finance (SCF) programme is often measured by the efficiency and speed of the on-boarding process. A well-executed programme will: clearly communicate the working capital benefits to the suppliers; enrol them quickly and in number; and put little burden on suppliers to ensure the outcome is positive for all.

However, writing in BCR’s World Supply Chain Finance Report 2018, Deutsche Bank’s Head of Financial Supply Chain, EMEA, argues the efficacy of supplier on-boarding should not be the only barometer of success.

“In today’s ever-more complex SCF market, a more holistic, long-term approach to measuring success is also required”, states Walia. “Both SCF providers, and corporate buyers, need to ensure they balance efficiency and nimbleness with programme safety, soundness and sustainability”.

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iGTB’s Anand Pande is panellist at BCR World Supply Chain Finance Report 2018 roundtable

iGTB’s Head of Trade and Supply Chain Finance, Anand Pande, has been featured as an industry expert in a roundtable for BCR’s World Supply Chain Finance Report 2018, published in January at the Supply Chain Summit in Frankfurt, Germany.

The 4th edition of the report interviews domain specialists on how technology is not only helping shore up supply chains, but is also bringing together banks and technology providers. As one excerpt from Pande on how technology is changing supply chain finance, he writes: “There is optimism regarding the progress made on the risk mitigation, compliance, due diligence and cost reduction sides of supply chain management, thanks to the application of technologies such as optical character recognition, imaging, robotic process automation, natural-language processing and artificial intelligence.”

To access BCR’s World Supply Chain Finance Report 2018 and see Anand’s full contribution to the roundtable, please go here.

iGTB’s supply chain finance platform implementation at Bank of Baroda covered in specialist press

iGTB has implemented a comprehensive supply chain finance platform for Bank of Baroda, India’s International Bank.

With a $418 billion finance gap in the Indian SME sector alone, the roll-out of the digital platform will extend new financing and working capital opportunities to the bank’s numerous clients – and their partners – expected to boost the number of digital transactions across the nation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Digital India” initiative – which aims to drive economic development through wide-ranging digital transformation across the country – has set an ambitious target of reaching 25 billion digital transactions in 2017-18.

Furthermore, increasing trade across a country rapidly establishing itself on the global stage is a high priority – India’s exports of $261 billion are up by 47.7 per cent since 2009, and its internal trade as a proportion of GDP is at a healthy value of 54 per cent.

Finally, by supporting the bank’s manufacturing clients across the country, the platform is helping Modi’s “Make in India” initiative become a reality – transforming India’s economy into to a world-class manufacturing hub.

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iGTB’s Anand Pande quoted in article for The Economist on how technology is revolutionising supply chain finance

Anand Pande, Head of Supply Chain Finance and Trade at iGTB, has been cited in the leading “Finance and Economics” article in the October 14th-20th edition of The EconomistThe article describes how technology is reshaping the financing of firms that sell to other firms, and is leading banks into new alliances with technology specialists. In the article, Anand highlights the unmet demand in supply chain finance, calling it “a land of unrealised promise”. Litesh Majethia, Head of Supply Chain Finance at iGTB client Bank of Baroda, is also featured in the article.

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