RiskFirst’s Matthew Bale speaks to Wealth Adviser about their pioneering solution for asset managers, PFaroe Attribution

RiskFirst has taken its PFaroe product and expanded it to include an attribution service for asset managers. In an interview with Wealth Adviser, Matthew Bale, Chief Strategy Officer, RiskFirst explains how disparate systems used by different stakeholders can create significant challenges, including with respect to reconciliation.

Bales says: “We are creating one unified platform that can be used by the end client and manager, bringing the asset owner and the fund manager together through technology.”

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Natixis’s Jesús Sáez assesses impact of political sphere on capital market landscape in Cinco Días

In an interview with Spanish newspaper Cinco Días, Jesús Sáez, Natixis’s head of debt capital markets in Spain and Portugal, confirmed that the political sphere, including the recently held Spanish government elections, will not negatively impact the valuation of investors on sovereign debt.

Speaking to the newspaper about the impact of Spain’s debt on investor interest, Sáez says: “The Spanish debt, at present, is not the focus of concern for investors – they will not penalize it,” adding that there has been some movement among bond issuers back to Spain recently, “perhaps triggered by the desire of some issuers to carry out emissions under Spanish and non-British law because of Brexit.”

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ExWorks Capital’s financing of ES Global covered by specialist press

ExWorks Capital has signed a deal to provide £7.5 million in pure working capital to events logistics specialist, ES Global Ltd, to support its contracts for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

While the company has various deals in place to finance the £68 million project, ExWorks was able to step in to bridge the gaps between ES Global’s project delivery and payment by its client.

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Natixis’s Dirk Schumacher comments on attractiveness of TLTROs in Il Sole 24 Ore

Targeted longer-term refinancing operations (TLTROs) remain a more attractive option than refinancing on wholesale markets for Italian banks, even in the case of tighter restrictions being implemented by the European Central Bank, according to simulations carried out by Natixis.

Dirk Schumacher, who leads the European team of macro research at Natixis, commented on the topic in an article by Italian publication Il Sole 24 Ore.

“The concurrent facts, that the amount that will come to maturity and will need to be refinanced is huge and that the cost of funding on the wholesale markets is significantly higher, will end up making the new TLTRO attractive for Italian banks”, confirms Schumacher.

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RiskFirst steps up its presence in the US: Client Delivery Manager hire covered by the specialist press

RiskFirst has hired Amanda Flemming into a new role, as US Client Delivery Manager, centered upon client success. Amanda will focus on ensuring clients gain maximum value from PFaroe – RiskFirst’s market-leading asset, liability and risk management technology platform.

Matthew Seymour, CEO of RiskFirst, says: “As our business continues to grow strongly in the USA we are eager to further improve the excellent service that our clients have always experienced. Amanda will work closely with clients to understand and help grow their businesses by integrating PFaroe’s unrivalled capabilities, adding real value to their businesses.”

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BNY Mellon’s Christopher Mager asks, “What can emerging technologies deliver?” in an article for the Journal of Payments Strategy and Systems

The speed of technological change in transaction banking is building pace, with a multitude of new innovations coming to the fore that are tipped to transform existing processes.

But while these emerging technologies are generating growing interest in the industry, how could they impact existing processes and what are the practical challenges and benefits of implementing them for banks?

In an article for the Journal of Payments Strategy and Systems, Christopher Mager, Managing Director of Global Innovation, Treasury Services, BNY Mellon, examines some of these new technologies, and how they could be harnessed by banks to deliver enhanced transaction experiences for clients.

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BPL Global’s Evan Freely speaks to Insurance Business UK on the vital role of brokers in times of crisis

Insurance Business UK has published an interview with BPL Global’s Evan Freely, in which the newly-appointed Director discusses the crucial part that brokers play for their clients during economic downturns.

“There’s no complete substitute I think for being in the trenches with your clients through these crises. You learn something new through every political risk event,” said Freely.

When asked about his objectives for his new role at BPL Global, Freely answered: “penetrating new geographies, potentially new products and talent” and “getting back in front of clients on a more regular basis.”

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BNY Mellon assesses the emerging technology landscape in Finance Digest

Transaction banking is undergoing a period of change like never seen before. Banks are embracing the new digital landscape, with many exploring how new capabilities can be applied to bring added value to clients. However, with innovative technologies emerging at an accelerating pace, the challenge is determining which ones can solve a real problem and have the credentials to be truly transformative.

With an array of new technologies coming to the fore, in an article for Finance Digest, Christopher Mager, Managing Director of Global Innovation, Treasury Services, BNY Mellon, examines their potential, and asks “are they truly game changers?”

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BPL Global appoints Evan Freely to Executive Board, covered by the specialist press

Evan Freely has been appointed to the Executive Board of BPL Global, after 11 years as Managing Director and Global Practice Leader for Marsh’s Credit Specialties Group.

Charles Berry, Chairman of BPL Global, comments: “Evan’s appointment, together with our new presence in New York, confirms our ambition and ability to provide a seamless global service to our clients across the Americas, EMEA and Asia.”

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Natixis’ Gareth John discusses the frothy ABS market in Air Finance Journal interview

In an interview for Air Finance Journal, Natixis’ Global Head of Aviation, Gareth John, discusses the state of the ABS market and Natixis’ strategy for aviation investment.

Gareth explains that Natixis is looking to become more of a “strategic partner” and less of a “transactional lender” to its clients. What’s more, on the ABS side, the bank is looking to dedicate more resources to support a higher level of securitisation deal flow.

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