Moorgate uses its deep client knowledge to generate and distribute compelling digital content including short-form videos, podcasts and webinars. Our video and podcast production teams can bring to life your expertise.

Moorgate’s digital content offering includes:

  • Pre-production, including ideas and interview sourcing as well as scripts and storyboards,
  • Production, including interviewing subjects and ensuring crisp sound quality and image capture, as well as animation and info-graphics,
  • Post-production, including editing, voice-overs, digital effects and adding library footage.
  • Distribution, including compressing and uploading to websites and promotion via social media.
  • Below is a video scripted, shot and edited by Moorgate for Siemens Financial Services, released to coincide with the launch of a whitepaper.

To view a previous series of videos conceived and scripted by Moorgate, please visit the BNY Mellon Treasury Services website