Moorgate was created in 2002 as a reaction to what we saw as mild but insidious malpractice among existing PR offerings. So below, we list the values that everyone at Moorgate agrees to live by.

Long-term partnerships. Moorgate’s ethos is centred on client retention. We have been working with some of our clients since 2002 – proving that we focus on developing partnerships based on mutual trust and understanding. Too many PR firms rely on a revolving client roster. We rely on the opposite.

Strong value-for-money. We keep our overheads to a minimum because we’re determined to offer our clients strong value. We also avoid the “expenses game”.

Objectives – and results-led campaigns. As well as strong value, we consider consistency of output vital for keeping clients happy. One way of doing this is to execute campaigns that are objectives-led and highly-targeted. Moorgate aims to be judged on the results it produces rather than on timesheets or other non-results based measurements.

Being proactive. Moorgate is not a reactive PR agency – waiting for instruction from the client. Moorgate’s aim is to be proactive – executing campaigns independently and with minimum guidance. That said, we work well with existing communications structures.

Developing talent.Moorgate employs smart graduates from the world’s best universities. These are bright and enthusiastic people that are thrown into the deep end while also benefiting from a well-structured hands-on training. If you think that suits your career aspirations, please contact us at

“Moorgate have been excellent at understanding complex subjects, like our research and analytics, and helping us to communicate these to experts and lay-people alike,”

– Roberto Rivero

Head of Market Development