S&P’s Outreach – IFR Outlook October

The latest edition of Infrastructure Finance Outlook (IFR), Standard and Poor’s Rating Services’ EMEA Infrastructure Finance newsletter, has been published. It includes all the recent news, updates, and research from S&P on Europe’s infrastructure sector. Highlight’s from this month include an articles on slipping European credit quality, and the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on the infrastructure sector’s efforts to raise funds from the capital markets.

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Europe’s tightening CO2 emission rules could weigh on utilities’ earnings, says S&P report

A recent Standard & Poor’s report into the potential effects of the third phase of the EU Emissions Trading System that kicks in from January next year suggests that strict new limits on carbon emissions will increase carbon liabilities and drag on the earnings of Western European power generators. S&P estimates that in 2016 carbon emission liabilities could cost utilities as much as €2.5 billion. Following a targeted news outreach, Moorgate achieved coverage of the report’s findings in specialist titles Environmental FinanceCarbon News and New Energy World (may require subscriptions).

Navigating the Sibos 2012 Agenda

To coincide with Sibos 2012 in Osaka, Deutsche Bank has produced a detailed whitepaper highlighting some of the major talking points on the agenda, including: the impact of proposed regulatory change, the changing direction of global trade flows, the rise of Asia in global commerce and emerging payment opportunities in developing countries. One of Sibos’ aims is to evoke industry debate and “advance critical dialogue” – and this whitepaper gives deeper insight into some of the conference’s key themes.

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News generation for S&P Capital IQ’s private entity data expansion

Having recently expanded its data offering of fundamental balance-sheet items across a large number of privately-held entities throughout Europe, we developed a news-generation strategy of four phases to help inform the market of the new capability.

While the first phase entailed announcing the commercial agreement behind the data expansion – and the extent of the data now available – the second phase mined the data itself to demonstrate its value. Examining the data alongside S&P Capital IQ’s Solution Architects, we were able to identify and illustrate a newsworthy trend – namely that private companies in Italy, Portugal and Spain are in many respects in stronger financial health than their publically-listed peers.

This observation formed the basis of a press release, which in turn formed the basis of a video produced in-house and a piece of technical analysis – the drafting of which was also assisted by Moorgate – distributed to clients.

So far, the news has been run in Wansquare, Institutional Asset Manager, Unquote, GT News, Private Equity Wire, Hedgeweek, Bobsguide and Mondo Visione.

News announcement of a fund launch for S&P Capital IQ

Asked to manage a news announcement for S&P Capital IQ’s first fund launch as partner to La Francaise Asset Management, we embarked on a process of meticulous planning with all parties and agreed to take the lead setting up interviews with key publications prior to the launch.

On launch day we were gratified to see our labours bear fruit, and coverage swiftly followed from interviews with Ignites Europe (an FT service) and Citywire, as well as FTfm, Funds Europe, Investment Europe, Mondo Visione and RFP Connect, with more expected in November from an interview conducted with Creditflux.

European news generation for Tradeweb’s new CEEMEA bonds platform

Following rapid growth in the volume of trading in European corporate bonds on Tradeweb’s European cash credit marketplace, the electronic trading platform launched trading in corporate bonds from issuers in Central & Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Much of the demand for CEEMEA bonds stemmed from continental European institutional investors – hence the news was announced in German, French and UK tier one and specialist print media, including FT Deutschland and L’Agefi.

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Commerzbank discusses trading opportunities in Eastern Europe

Having been named by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as the “Most active bank under the Trade Facilitation Programme” for the eighth year running, Commerzbank’s experience in Eastern Europe is unrivalled. Yet success in the region goes beyond simply processing guarantee transactions. As such, Moorgate set up an interview with Per Fischer, Commerzbank’s head of financial institutions to discuss in more detail the work that the bank does in Eastern Europe, as well as why the region offers huge trading opportunities for Western corporates. The full write-up can be found in this month’s special SIBOS edition of Trade Finance magazine.

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BNY Mellon are ‘making the connection’

As part of its Innovation Series, BNY Mellon’s new brochure ‘Making the Connection’ explores the parallel evolution of personal and financial communication from paper-based exchanges to today’s instant, 24-hour mass communication. As communication lies at the heart of trade, keeping with developments in transaction and data-management technology is key to future commercial success.

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Peter Hazou, EMEA Head of Market Management for BNY Mellon’s Treasury Services group, narrates a short video to accompany the brochure, in which he delves into the essential role of communication global commerce and connectivity. He draws on a true passion of his to explain the intricacies of understanding technology – the radio.

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Natixis’ Artus discusses the dilemma facing Germany if France’s economy succumbs

In his latest blog for FTSE Global Markets, Patrick Artus, chief economist at Natixis, ponders the likelihood of France suffering an “attack” in the government bond markets – and how Germany might then respond. Given the size and number of challenges facing the French economy today, Artus suggests such an attack is now entirely conceivable. With sharply increased government borrowing costs then amplifying France’s economic demise, Germany would be faced with two tough choices: either accept the failure of the euro and its collapse, or whole heartedly embrace federalism.

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Deutsche Bank discusses mobile payments in gtnews

As smartphones look set to become the future platform of choice for consumer interaction, mobile payments will likely emerge as a key payment method. Arthur Brieske, Global Head of Commercialisation for Global Transaction Banking, and Hans Oostenbrink, Netherlands Head of Cash Management and EMEA Industry Head for Consumer and Retail, discuss the advantages of mobile payments systems from both the consumer and retailer perspectives.

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