Natixis’ Head of CIB Marc Vincent discusses the bank’s expansion in Saudi Arabia with Arab News

Marc VincentSpeaking to Arab News, Marc Vincent, Natixis’ Global Head of Corporate and Investment Banking, comments on the bank’s expansion in Saudi Arabia and the importance of establishing a presence in the region. Saudi’s economic strength has been a significant draw for Natixis’ expansion, despite ongoing political unrest and economic uncertainty in the Middle East.

Natixis is currently waiting for final approval to set up in Saudi Arabia, but Vincent notes that the company has ambitions for their presence in the Saudi market and that they could bring “credibility and expertise” to the Kingdom.

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The payments revolution: BNY Mellon examines the evolving cross-border transaction landscape in the Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems

The payments landscape is evolving at a phenomenal rate. New technology developments are emerging faster than ever, driven by the growing culture for digital solutions, new regulatory requirements, and the increasing number of new entrants in the market that are challenging more traditional practices with cutting-edge concepts that appeal to the tech-savvy society of today. This convergence of factors is acting as a catalyst for banks to take action and modernise payments.

In the Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems, Michael Bellacosa, Global Head of Payments and Transaction Services, BNY Mellon Treasury Services, discusses the transformational power of SWIFT gpi. Importantly, the article also examines how banks need to maximise the possibilities of the new landscape and deliver real added value; looking beyond the payment itself and considering how they can harness toolkits such as SWIFT gpi to create solutions that best support their clients.

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Technology for now and the future: BNY Mellon discusses the importance of technology investment in bobsguide

Following an interview during Sibos, Paul Camp, CEO of Treasury Services at BNY Mellon features in a bobsguide article examining technology investment. Paul explains that there is a need to invest both in current systems that are used daily by clients, while also looking to the future.

“What we are very cognisant of – and the technology companies don’t always get it – is that our clients need both,” said Camp on the side lines of the conference. “They need the stuff which works today and has worked for years, because that model is not going to switch instantaneously, and they need a path to the future.”

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Natixis’ Eric Arnould and Anne-Christine Champion discuss the emergence of ‘green unicorns’ in IFR article

In a guest commentary for IFR, Eric Arnould, Global Head of Equity Capital Markets, and Anne-Christine Champion, Global Head of Real Assets at Natixis CIB, discuss why investors need to watch out for the emergence of Europe’s ‘green unicorns’ – private companies that specialise in generating power from renewable wind and solar sources.

The success of green unicorns is underpinned by their profitable growth, which is reflected in investor confidence and leads to high-profile financial transactions. The hope is that the next breed of green unicorns “will prompt other industries to adapt and shape their models, thereby promoting sustainability and safeguarding the environment for all”, explain Arnould and Champion.

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BNY Mellon picks up three EMEA Finance Treasury Services Awards

BNY Mellon has won three awards in EMEA Finance magazine’s 2019 Treasury Services Awards, including retaining its title of “Best Transactional Bank for Financial Institutions in EMEA” for an astonishing tenth consecutive year. BNY Mellon was also named “Best Transactional Bank for Financial Institutions in the Middle East” and the provider of the “Best FX Services in EMEA” for its market-leading FX solution, SmartPaySM Global.

The awards were presented to BNY Mellon Treasury Services’s Bana Akkad Azhari, Head of Relationship Management MEA and CIS; Marcus Sehr, Head of Europe; and Ross Jones, Head of FX and Multicurrency Payment Product, at Sibos.

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ICC’s Olivier Paul discusses how to ensure a successful and accessible trade finance market in Banker Middle East article

Writing for Banker Middle East, Olivier Paul, Director, Finance for Development, ICC, outlines how industry-led advocacy is necessary for the fair regulatory treatment of trade finance, both in the Middle East and globally.

Paul explains that, “achieving fair treatment of  trade finance across regulatory frameworks will, in turn, allow for increased access to trade finance for MSMEs”.

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BPL Global shortlisted for “Broking Firm of the Year” in Insurance Day’s London Market Awards

BPL Global has been named as a finalist in the “Broking Firm of the Year” category in this year’s Insurance Day London Market Awards.

As one of only four brokers shortlisted for the award, the nomination reflects a standout year of growth and innovation for BPL Global in the credit and political risk insurance space.

Winners will be announced on 21st November.

A full roundup of the 2019 award finalists can be read here.

Are banks missing out on the benefits of real-time cash liquidity reporting, asks new Deutsche Bank paper

The value of real-time cash-balance reporting is being overlooked by many banks – perhaps due to its regulatory origins, argues a new white paper from Deutsche Bank. Looking back to 2013, when the concept first gained real momentum through the publication of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s BCBS 248-paper, the report notes that the lack of a common regulatory mandate may have put the brakes on full-scale industry adoption, with only a few banks – typically the very largest – bound by regulation under individual mandates.

Advantages of real-time reporting range from the originally stipulated boost to stability in stress scenarios, a clear view over incoming and outgoing flows, giving complete control over intraday cash positions, and the necessary data to build and test strategies for managing and optimising liquidity at all times throughout the day.

In addition to outlining the current benefits of real-time liquidity reporting, the white paper forecasts that the tech revolution now underway will enhance them further through the transformative power of application programming interfaces (APIs), distributed ledger technology (DLT) and artificial intelligence (AI). But investing right away in real-time reporting capabilities will quickly provide real returns, long before migration to ISO 20022 has been completed.

News of the whitepaper’s launch was covered in the specialist press by: FinextraFintech FinanceCTMfileGlobal Banking and Finance ReviewThe Paypers

BNY Mellon and EMEA Finance partner to host Saudi roundtable

This is an extraordinary moment in the history of one of the Middle East’s largest economies. The changes underway in Saudi society are both palpable and visible. And the changes underway within the Kingdom’s banking and financial system are equally remarkable, if less visible. As with other countries, digitisation is causing banks to fundamentally rethink their role, while new players are providing innovative services to both consumers and businesses alike. Here, a roundtable co-hosted by BNY Mellon, the Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB) and EMEA Finance brings together industry leaders to share their views and expertise on how banks in the Kingdom are adapting to the evolving landscape and capitalising on new opportunities.

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BNY Mellon’s Marcus Sehr talks SWIFT gpi in Global Finance’s Sibos edition

The influx of fintechs into the payments space has kickstarted an unprecedented period of innovation in transaction banking. Faced with new, tech-savvy competition, evolving client expectations, and with their own legacy infrastructure far from optimal, there is an increasing urgency for banks to deliver an enhanced, digital experience to clients. In Global Finance, Marcus Sehr, Head of BNY Mellon Treasury Services – Europe, discusses how banks are rising to this challenge, and transforming the way in which payments are processed.

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