S&P and the performance of ratings agencies

While some seem to think you can evaluate ratings by their impact on market prices, that’s the wrong test according to Yann Le Pallec, Executive Managing Director, EMEA at Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services.

In his piece for World Finance, here, Yann describes a better method of “rating the raters” and backs it up with statistics from S&P’s own record.


BNY Mellon’s Bana Akkad Azhari discusses treasury services in the Middle East in gtnews

As international attention turns to the Middle East, the region continues to strengthen its trade ties around the world, with the United Arab Emirates – and Dubai in particular – becoming a pivot for new global trade flows. In this article for gtnews, BNY Mellon’s Bana Akkad Azhari – treasury services head of relationship management for the Middle East and North Africa – looks at the evolution of treasury services throughout the region, including the challenges facing both corporates and treasury services providers as they look to realise the wider opportunities at hand.

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Deutsche Bank’s Marcus Sehr on the homepage of SIBOS

In an article originally published in The Banker, and now featured on the homepage of Sibos.com, Marcus Sehr – Deutsche Bank’s global head of cash management financial institutions – looks at the current transaction banking environment, and the critical importance of partner selection.

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Natixis assesses Portugal’s debt troubles in Investment Europe

In a guest commentary for Investment Europe, Jesus Castillo – Southern Europe Economist at Natixis – reviews the nature of Portuguese debt to better evaluate the options for recovery. Through his calculations, he shows that the frequently suggested ‘restructuring’ strategy isn’t necessarily the optimal method to stabilise the debt ratio. In fact, there are three other options – perhaps offering a more feasible chance of success – that Portugal should consider.

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Deutsche Bank’s Dieter Stynen in Pay & Benefits Magazine

With the clock ticking on migration to the Single European Payments Area (SEPA), many UK corporates and their respective payroll providers risk being significantly affected – particularly those that manage payments across the Eurozone. In this feature article for Pay & Benefits Magazine, Deutsche Bank’s Dieter Stynen – Head of Cash Management Corporates for Western Europe – discusses what SEPA means for payroll professionals, as well as the challenges of compliance, and the ultimate advantages the initiative will bring.

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Natixis’s chief economist considers the euro’s prospects – and relationship to the USD – in Profit & Loss

Given the economic disparity between the eurozone and US economy, it’s surprising that the euro has not depreciated more against the dollar. In this month’s edition of Profit & Loss, Natixis chief economist Patrick Artus explores the reasons behind this counterintuitive scenario, and evaluates the euro and USD’s broader performance in the context of recent global market trends.

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Deutsche Bank featured in The Banker’s Cash Management Guide

In The Banker’s July 2013 Cash Management Guide, Deutsche Bank’s Marcus Sehr – global head of cash management financial institutions – and Christian Goerlach – director, cash management FI product – explore in two separate articles the cash management concerns of financial institutions today. Sehr looks at the factors shaping the transaction banking landscape – from potential US energy independence to the growing importance of the RMB – and explores the role of bank partnerships in optimising cash management. In the same guide, Goerlach looks at intraday liquidity risk management – set to become an increasingly high-profile component of banks’ overall liquidity risk mitigation strategies – and the effect of this on banks and the industry at large.

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Partnerships Bulletin interviews Natixis’ Benjamin Sirgue

As Natixis looks to partner with UK-based institutional investors seeking to invest in infrastructure debt, Benjamin Sirgue – Natixis Global Head of Aircraft, Export and Infrastructure Finance – discusses the French wholesale investment bank’s infrastructure platform in Partnerships Bulletin.

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