Award-Winning Video for BNY Mellon

As part of Moorgate’s thought-leadership campaign for BNY Mellon, a video exploring the theme of connectivity was developed to highlight the increasing role of technology, the continued importance of communication and the need for enhanced connectivity and access to information. Scripted and edited by Moorgate – and one of a wider series created for BNY Mellon – this video has won a Midas Award which recognises excellence in financial services communications.

Starring Peter Hazou, BNY Mellon Treasury Services’ Head of Market Management EMEA, the video can be viewed on both the BNY Mellon and Midas Award websites.

BNY Mellon reflects on banking trends

The latest issue of BNY Mellon’s Treasury Services EMEA newsletter sees the team share their expertise on key industry topics, such as the evolving needs of non-bank financial institutions and the impacts of looming regulations on global markets. Meanwhile, Dominic Broom, head of sales and relationship management for EMEA, looks to the year ahead to spot trends in the banking landscape.

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BNY Mellon: Tricks of The Trade

Dino Sani, Head of Treasury Services for Latin America, BNY Mellon, discusses the growth of Brazil-China trade in December’s edition of Treasury Management International.

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Natixis commodities profiled in Bloomberg Brief

Natixis’ global head of commodities structuring, Jerome Gaudry, was recently profiled for an in-depth feature length Q&A, published in the ‘Voices’ section of Bloomberg Brief. In the interview, Gaudry offered his expert view on a wide range of themes currently trending in the commodity market – including why investors want structured commodity notes tied to gold and oil, and what sort of pay-offs they are seeking.

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Deutsche Bank talks Basel III

The implementation of Basel III will change the workings of trade finance significantly over the longer-term, writes Lothar Meenen – managing director and head of Deutsche Bank’s trade finance and cash management corporates for Germany South. In this article for Euro Treasurer, he looks at the potential effects of the latest regulatory measure, acknowledging the challenges ahead and the likely positive developments that will stem from it.

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The Winds of Change – BNY Mellon survey

The results of the BNY Mellon-Exporta ‘Attitudes to Transaction Banking’ survey has been published in this month’s edition of GTR, including a detailed response by Daniel Cruikshank, CEO of Treasury Services, BNY Mellon. The survey aimed to gauge current industry thoughts by gelling anecdotal evidence into quantitative and qualitative data – in the hope of moving the industry forward.

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Long Acre Life’s view from the top: Regulation and the new normal

As the financial services industry digests a wave of incoming regulation and adjusts to a new climate, Financial News asked leading executives whether regulators and policymakers were beginning to adopt a more realistic approach and whether the financial industry begun to accept a “new normal”. David Norgrove, Chairman of PensionsFirst and Long Acre Life, suggested that while this was true to a certain extent, there remains a lot of Micawberish thinking that something will turn up.  Meanwhile sponsors have poured £175 billion into their schemes since 2007 without reducing deficits, and the end game for DB pensions is coming rapidly closer.

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Natixis examines French economic policy on IFR

In a bid to eliminate the structural problems currently hitting his country’s economy, French president Francois Hollande announced a significant policy shift towards stimulating supply last month. In response, Patrick Artus, chief global economist at  Natixis, explains in International Financing Review why we should welcome the move away from demand-side socialism – but we should not expect too much from it.

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Standard and Poor’s: European growth slump drags on corporate credit prospects in 2013

As revealed in it’s latest report, Standard & Poor’s anticipates that the European speculative-grade default rate will rise to 6.8% by the end of 2013, driven by the still deteriorating credit quality of companies assigned private credit estimates, weak eurozone economy, and looming debt maturities.

Targeting the buyside media, Moorgate secured coverage of the report in City AM, FTSE Global Markets, and GT News.