ICC United Kingdom’s Brexit Survey reported in the press – including Sky News, The Economist, and Handelsblatt

Sky News 1As part of an integrated news campaign, Moorgate has worked with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in the UK to promote their Survey on international business views of Brexit. Notably, the results showed that 86% of respondents think that the UK should vote to stay in the European Union (EU), with 74% suggesting that the UK would have less influence over policy if it left the EU.
Sky News 2Following Moorgate’s outreach, the news was covered in a number of media strands – including the tier-one press, international press, UK regional press, and specialist business and trade press. In an exclusive interview on the day of the Survey release, Sir Mike Rake, chair of ICC United Kingdom, also discussed the Survey results and the sentiment of international business with Ian King on Sky News.


After the interview and release of the results, the news was also covered in the Sky News business section, Handelsblatt, The Economist, City AM, Financial Director, GTNews, FX-MM, Business Matters, TXF, TFR and the Nottingham Post.

Sir Michael Rake speaks to City AM on joining ICC in the UK

Mike RakeSir Michael Rake has joined the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to chair its UK operation and strengthen the voice of UK business at a global level, as featured in City AM. He will draw on his expertise at BT Group and World Pay, as well as from his former roles as President of CBI, Deputy Chairman of Barclays and at the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council.

With economic uncertainty and volatile conflicts ever-present, UK business needs support influencing global governments to focus on providing a pro-growth business environment.

Sir Michael comments: “ICC is the global organization that connects companies from all corners of the globe to influence and create the rules that govern the entire business and trading landscape. The opinion of UK business is valued and highly sought-after across the world, but they need to be heard – our priority is to give them a voice.”

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