The rise of art-lending: FFA’s Guy Vassiere writes for ePrivate Client

Besides being a passion and a lifestyle for many collectors, art is also increasingly being seen as a safe investment at a time of great economic uncertainty. Having shown longevity and substance, many investors view art as an alternative asset class – and an ideal way to diversify their portfolios.

Meanwhile, the emergence of great wealth, especially in Asia, is further bolstering liquidity in the art market. With prices – particularly for high-quality works in established market sectors – rocketing since the early 2000s, many collectors find they have a great deal of capital tied up in their collections.

Writing for ePrivate Client, FFA’s Guy Vassiere argues that it is developments like these that continue to drive demand for a variety of specialised art and finance services among the financial community – as well as a greater focus on the role of art in overall wealth management. Of course, this also extends to art-backed lending.To read more, click here.